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Founded in 2014, WageCan offers a payment card for blockchain assets via web and mobile apps. Our objective is to connect virtual with the real world. WageCan enables blockchain assets to fiat exchange with convenient spending options through WageCan Card.

Most of the people have the problem of spending their blockchain assets in the real world. Currently, blockchain assets exchange platforms work with bank accounts which is location limited. WageCan offers free registration from anywhere in the world and allows faster and easier access to fiat currency through WageCan card and wallet.

Spending blockchain assets in the real world is challenging. Through WageCan card, one can have access to their money everywhere in the world. We provide our service to more than 100 countries and a 30 million ATMs network at competitive exchange rates. Every card has a dedicated address for blockchain assets, so it’s easy and convenient to receive payments from around the world.

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